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Photo by D.Mitchell

"Water Maiden"      16x16 Soft Pastel

"Palhikmana", the Hopi katsina doll featured in this painting, was carved by Vernon Laban "Lomahowdo" of the Corn and Water clan and is from Third Mesa, Arizona.  The water maiden is a spirit entrusted with ensuring a successful growing season.  Her magnificent headdress represents clouds before a rainstorm while the red stripes denote fertility.


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Dottie Mitchell

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May 26, 2018


"Cut down and out - do your hardest work outside the picture and let your audience take away something to think about."  Frederic Remington, 1903


Artist's Statement

Rising to new challenges is at the core of all my art.  Each new still life set-up calls for exploring the dynamics of light and shadow in relation to color and composition.  In addition, there are the complexities of integrating drawing and application of the medium.  All must come togther successfully to represent the actual three-dimensional images within two-dimensional limitations.  The desired outcome: to convey my passion for the subject and cause the viewer to linger.


About Soft Pastel

Originating in 16th century Italy, soft pastel is a drawing material consisting of a stick of color made of ground pigment mixed with just enough gum or resin to bind it together.  Pastels produce bright, pure colors which, unlike paints, do not change color as they dry out.  Distinguished artists who worked in pastel include Degas, Cassatt, Renoir, Redon, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Whistler.  Their works are as fresh today as the day they were completed.